• Graniteville Elementary School History

    Graniteville Elementary School opened in the fall of 2019. The Graniteville Elementary School building was the original Byrd Elementary School and later the school district's adult education center, The Byrd Learning Center. Graniteville Elementary is the first school named after the community since its founder William Gregg established the Graniteville Academy in the mid-1800s.

    The Mascot

    Gregg the Gator

    Gregg the Gator is named for William Gregg. William Gregg supervised the construction of the power canal in Graniteville as part of creating one of the first textile company towns in the South. Gregg the Gator is reading a book with the Graniteville Company “G” on the cover.

     The Seal

    Graniteville Seal

    The Graniteville seal is a “G” from the historic Graniteville Company mill brand. The color blue in the seal is representative of the “blue granite” in Graniteville. The reeds in the seal are a nod to the wildlife growing along the Graniteville canal.