Welcome to Secondary Literacy!

  • For Secondary Literacy, everything we do in the course is contained within the HMH Read180/System 44 programs. 

    If any student should miss significant time from this class, they can avoid falling behind by working in the Read 180 software package at home.


    Students should log in to HMH by using this link.


    From there, students can access the Read 180 (or System 44, if applicable) software using the same username they used to access their school-issued laptop computer. Students should know their own password because it is their own 8-digit birthday.


    After selecting their program, students can access the software from the home page using the big red box. Students must complete the Explore, Reading, Language, Word Assessment, Spelling Assessment, and Success Zones for the current module to achieve full marks for each grading period.

    Students can also access their Independent Reading selections from the home screen using the blue box on the bottom left of the welcome page. Students should complete three (3) eReads quizzes and one (1) novel quiz per nine-weeks. The quizzes can be accessed from the bookshelf inside the software by using the (...) button and selecting "more options."

    Please note: Students who are, or expect to be, absent for an extended time should choose an eBook for their novel so that they can continue to read away from the classroom.