Ms. Lynne Shrader

Phone: 803-641-2570


Degrees and Certifications:

Education Specialist Degree in PE/Health/Science/Administration and Supervision Currently certified in South Carolina and Georgia

Ms. Lynne Shrader


April 1, 2020- Update: New PE lessons will be coming out later this week or over the break. That is right, next week is Spring Break! We will be taking a break from our distance learning and will return on April 13th. Just yesterday we received more direction from the state regarding expectations for lessons and grading for Quarter 4. Based on those directives we will be putting together new packets and publishing them on Schoology shortly, but we want you to take time during Spring Break to put the learning aside and not have the stress of working on the work. 

I have had several parents inquire about Health for 2nd semester. We are looking at our options but currently are going to hold off until closer to the end of the month, hoping we will return in May. We should have a better idea of our options at that time. I am going to tag some "non-gender" activities on my Schoology, after the break, that will cover some of the general topics of our learning.

PLEASE- know that we miss you all and hope that everyone is well in your family. Enjoy break and I will be back soon!

Coach Shrader

March 23, 2020 Special Message: While we all are dealing with the uncertainty of how long our current situation will continue, Aiken County has worked very hard to create meaningful, purposeful and rigorous lessons for each instructional area, to include PE. For my classes, this can all be found on my Schoology site, by following the directions sent home in packets or delivered via the internet. 

Here is the link for the district's distance learning site. Follow it's link for the PE lessons as well- For maintaining record of activities I will be publishing an easy to use spreadsheet for students. On the form students may record all physical activities that they engage in daily.This form will be turned in when we return to school or with further instruction on how to share electronically. 

I can be reached via my Schoology account which I check daily or my email, which I check all day- I miss my "kids" and hope that they are all staying safe and are well. I would love to see pictures of them engaged in physical activities so please share to my email anytime!!

God bless you all,

Coach Shrader

 I am very excited about the opportunity to join the Aiken Intermediate family! Some of you may know me already as I have just recently retired as the principal of Oakwood Windsor Elementary. I didn't stay retired for long though, receiving an invitation to return as a "working retiree" and the rest as they say is history!

Academically I hold an Education Specialist degree from Georgia College and State University. I recieved my undergraduate degree in PE and Health from Florida Southern College and my Master's from Augusta College. I am certifed in the areas of Physical Education, Health, Science, Administration and Supervision. I began my teaching career 41 years ago, spending my first three years as a substitute teacher with the Department of Defense schools in Frankfurt, Germany where my husband was stationed in the U.S. Army following his officer training at Fort Gordon, GA.

We returned to Fort Gordon in the summer of 1981, then moved to Ft. Hood, Texas. While there I taught PE, Health and Science at the middle school level, having added the area of Science from the University of Texas in Austin. Following the birth of our second child in 1985, the Army moved us yet again, this time back to Fort Gordon, where my husband taught Officer Advanced and Pre-Command courses until 1988. At that time he was offered a position in the private sector and we decided to make Martinez, Georgia our permanent home.

In 1985 I also made a career move, joining the Richmond County School System, teaching PE and working with the local recreation department as well. In 1990 I got my wish to return to Middle School, moving to Lakeside Middle School in the Columbia County system, where I taught PE and Health, while coaching a number of sports at both the Middle and High school. I am sure you can feel some sympathy for my poor children, who to this day still get reminded frequently, by all of their friends, that their mom taught all of them Health and Human Reproduction!

But I wander- in 2008 my husband was offered a wonderful job opportunity in Columbia, opening a branch of ITT Technical College. During the move I was offered an opportunity to move into administration and I became an assistant principal with Richland Two Schools. Sadly, in 2013 my husband passed away and in 2016 my children, living in Martinez and Evans Georgia, wanted me to move closer to home. I began applying here in Aiken and in July of 2016 was offered the principalship at Oakwood Windsor. 

I loved my time at OWES and I believe that I was able to contribute in many ways to improve the lives of our students and build a strong relationship with the Aiken community. I hope that I can bring this same work ethic and enthusiasm to my new position here at Aiken Intermediate School!