• Dear Parents and Guardians,

    As an Early College High School, it has been my promise and goal to have every MVHS graduate leave with at least 6 hours of college coursework. Through the success of our current Early College students and our partnership with Aiken Technical College, we are excited to inform you of a tremendous opportunity for your rising senior to take free college courses here at MVHS in the 2019-2020 school year. This opportunity will afford your student up to 12 college credits at no cost while earning them both high school and college credit! With the cost of tuition rising every year plus the cost of textbooks, this will save your family over $1500!

    Students who chose to participate in this opportunity, will take English 101 and 102 in place of their high school English (in most cases English 4). Additionally, these students will take American Government and Economics as college courses in replace of the traditional high school Government and Economics classes. This means that instead of earning 2 credits of grade level weighted coursework, students can earn 4 credits of college (AP) weighted credits to help boost their overall GPA.

    With these courses being taught here at MVHS, your student will have the supports of both their home high school as well as Aiken Technical College. They will have access to Aiken Technical College just as a full-time college student. This includes utilizing the ATC library, Academic Success Center, Career Services as well as their weight room and gymnasium facilities.

    Some students have already pre-qualified for this opportunity through PSAT (score of 500 or higher on English), SAT (score of 500 or higher on English), or ACT (score of 18 or higher on English) scores. Students who did not pre-qualify through these tests will have an opportunity to take the Accuplacer placement test on May 30th here at MVHS. This test generally takes approximately 1 hour and we will schedule interested students to report for their testing time.

    We cannot express how excited we are for this opportunity for our community and students! Please let us know by completing the bottom portion of this letter or visiting the link listed if you are interested in this opportunity for your student. Please send back by May 28th so that we have time to schedule your student for testing if needed.

     Thank you!          --Carl White, Principal



    Please see the attached pdf file OR fill out the online survey (link below)


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    _______ I do not want my student to have this opportunity at this time.