• 2023-2024 
    Yellow Jacket News Show Team

    Sophia Lindale,William Seigler, Zachary Hook, Evan Hargrove, Douglas Hibbard, Lyles Cannon, Lauren Bell, Samuel Jones

        • Student-Created goals for daily broadcast announcements for North Augusta High School.
        • Student-Gathered broadcast information through weekly contact of organization/club advisers, staff, and administration.
        • Student-Written script from the information gathered.
        • Student-Produced, anchored, and taped broadcasts using WireCast software.

    Lynda Oswald, Ann Adcock and Sandy Zeller serve as advisers to the Wire Cast News Show student team. Included in The North Augusta High School News Show broadcast is the Pledge, NAHS Alma Mater, Moment of Silence, Birthday Recognition, Weather Report, and school news. The student-led Wire Cast News Show team contacts the various NAHS organization advisers, staff, and administration weekly for broadcast announcements and information. The student-led WireCast News Show successfully demonstrates the power of giving students jobs with clearly defined responsibilities, meaningful motivation, and wide publication to a significant NAHS audience. Students work with intentionality, professionalism, and respect for the show that they produce. The work of this class operates like the real news show world. Students have jobs instead of assignments and it is evident that the skills students learn are relevant to real-world, authentic opportunities and accomplishment.