Department of Student Services

  • Welcome to the Department of Student Services! This department provides support services and resources to students, parents and schools. Our mission is to increase student achievement and learning by providing assistance in the areas of Attendance, Health Services, Social Work Services, Counseling and Career Services, Discipline Hearings and Military Family Support.

Core Beliefs

    • All students have dignity and worth
    • All students are unique and should be treated as such
    • All students should have access and the opportunity to realize his/her full potential, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background or religion 
    • Student service should be extended to diverse populations



    • To successfully conduct all the administrative support functions necessary to support the needs of All students, the schools, the District, the community, the state, federal and other external education entities
    • To develop and operate a successful program which will attract and retain student in order to serve students' needs and the District's need for adequate enrollment
    • To increase graduation rate while assisting students in becoming career, college and citizenship ready 
    • To provide a variety of personalized learning opportunities that meet the diverse needs of students in the District

Contact Us

  • The Department of Student Services is located at 1000 Brookhaven Drive, Aiken, SC 29803. 

    Mr. Carl White, Director of Student Services, can be reached at or by calling (803) 641-2428.