• Building relationships with and learning how to give back to the community is something that ASA values immensely. All scholars will be required to participate in a minimum of 20 hours of documented community service annually. It is recommended that scholars attempt 10 hours per semester; however, the full 20 hours is not due until in May each year. Community service can include volunteering in the community or at events hosted by USC Aiken or ASA. The school will work with each scholar to ensure that hours can be met and that opportunities for service are communicated in a timely manner. 

    Community service is NOT tutoring family members, doing chores at home, assisting in a family member’s business, or working a paying job. Donations of food, clothing, money, school supplies, etc. do not count as volunteer service hours. Activities at church or other community institutions in which you would participate anyway will not be considered as part of documented service hours.  

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