• Independent/Structured Learning Time and Academic Support 

    ASA will offer scholars the opportunity to access teachers for additional support, tutoring, makeup work, group work, etc. daily during Independent or Structure Learning Time (ILT/SLT). This period will also be utilized for lunch, access for scholars to work on any Virtual coursework, whole-group and small group classroom guidance instruction, club meetings and guest speakers.

    Teachers will have set office hours during this period to be available for scholars. Scholars are expected to use this time wisely and are encouraged to take advantage of it sooner rather than later if they are struggling in a particular course. In the event a scholar is placed on an academic improvement plan or academic probation, he/she will be required to attend SLT on a specified schedule. There will also be SLT dates as scholars prepare for exams. Scholars are expected to attend assigned SLT, failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. 



    If scholars fail to turn in work, they will be required to remain for ILT the same day for AM classes and the following day for PM classes.

    Scholars must sign in when reporting for ILT or SLT.