• Advisor- Martha Messick

    Yearbook Production supports student’s development as writers, photographers, editors, independent users of technology and as responsible contributing members of the Aiken Scholars Academy community.

    It will be an opporutnity for scholars to engage in a group activity that allows them to learn a variety of skills that will likely be useful to them in the future. Working with a group can help scholars improve their teamwork and coworking skills. Scholars also have the opportunity to try their hand at photography, graphic design, and Photoshop. There are even aspects of Yearbook Club that relate to journalismyou might have the opportunity to interview students and write about what they have to say on school-wide and current events!

    Being a part of the yearbook staff also means that by the end of the school year, scholars will have produced a substantial and tangible product while on a deadline. Colleges like to see students with drive and strong time management skills, and working with a team to produce the school’s yearbook can be a great way to demonstrate your strengths in these areas.

    Aside from building upon skills and strengthening college applications, the school yearbook is unique in that it’s often kept as a keepsake and brought out again years later, so you’ll be able to look back fondly on your involvement in yearbook club for years to come. Most people keep a copy of their high school yearbook and look at it from time to time, but how many can say that they actually helped produce this enduring memento?

    As an ASA yearbook staff member, scholars will:

    1. Work as a team to complete all sections of the yearbook.
    2. Write articles/captions and take photos for the yearbook; meet with advisers, administrators, students, and/or coaches to get background information or interviews.
    3. Work with community leaders and parents to sell business ads in the community.
    4. Meet deadlines and be responsible for completing your pages; designing layouts, proofing, editing, etc.
    5. Come to meetings on time and prepared to work. 


    Interested in joining?

    If interested in joining our staff, contact Ms. Watkins.