• Redcliffe Mission Statement

    Redcliffe Elementary School, in partnership with students, parents, and community members, is dedicated to building a solid foundation while developing responsible citizens to function and successfully contribute to others in today's society.

    Redcliffe Vision Statement

    The vision of the family of Redcliffe Elementary School is to build a strong foundation of greatness for our students by working in partnership with a fully participating team to enable our students to become successful citizens in an everchanging world.

    Redcliffe Beliefs

    We believe that educating children should be a partnership between students, teachers, adminstrators, parents, and the community.
    We believe that children should be provided opportunities to be problem solvers, which will prepare them  as future leaders for years to come.
    We believe that all children are unique individuals and should be valued and respected. All children can learn and be successful.
    We believe that all staff in the school environment should serve as positive role models, which is vital to learning.
    We believe that classrooms should be a place where children should feel safe enough to take risks, and that the classroom atmosphere is conducive to learning.
    We believe that teachers should model an ongoing curiousity and love for learning.
    We believe that learning is a life-long journey.
    We believe that a challenging curriculum be provided to every student each and every day. Excellence is achievable.
    We believe that everyone should accept responsibility and be accountable for their actions.