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    School nurses provide assessment of acute illness and injuries during the school day, as well as chronic health management, including medication administration and providing medical treatments prescribed by a physician.

    For specific information regarding school health programs in Aiken County Public Schools, contact:

    Supervisor of Nursing Services: Monica Mazzell, RN at (803) 641-2417.

Health Services Announcements

  • The Safe Access to Vital Epinephrine (SAVE) Act

    The Safe Access to Vital Epinephrine (SAVE) Act, approved by the South Carolina Legislature, allows school districts to stock epinephrine auto-injectors for identified school staff to use in emergencies for students with life-threatening allergic reactions. These Epi-pens are intended for individuals experiencing a first-time, previously undiagnosed allergic reaction.

    Parents and guardians of students with known allergies should continue to provide Epi-pens/epinephrine for their children. These students will continue to have Emergency Action Plans and Individualized Healthcare Plans (IHPs) developed by the school nurse.

    Every Aiken County school has a school nurse and at least two first responders who are trained in Epi-pen administration.

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