• Oakwood-Windsor Elementary School is a Title I school located in rural Aiken County. It was designed and built in 1954 as an elementary school for grades 1-7. The original structure was renovated in 1990-1991. A new wing of classrooms, a library, two kindergarten classrooms, and administrative offices were added to the main structure. During the 2003-2004 school year, a 4.8 million dollar project was begun. Twenty new classrooms to house grades 1-4, 4 Kindergarten classrooms, a Special Education classroom, a cafeteria, and a music room were added to the original structure. OWES currently houses approximately 410 students in grades PK-5.

    Due to its' longevity in the Oakwood and Windsor communities several generations of students and their families have attended OWES. This "family" background brings a unique and charming appeal to this wonderful little "gem" located in the farmlands of Aiken County. Where else could you look out one door and see a magnificent herd of horses playing in green fields right next to bountiful crops that feed our community. It is so nice to hear visitors at OWES who say "I went to school here" as they visit their grandchildren who carry on that legacy!