• The South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) sets forth governance for athletic participation for schools all schools in the state. Scholars attending ASA will be able to participate in athletics at their zoned school of attendance per the bylaws Section 6A-1, which states  

    …if the scholars are to receive their diplomas from the school that does not offer an athletic program, they may be eligible at the district’s public school in whose attendance area they live. 

    ASA scholars must maintain academic eligibility in order to participate in athletics. The SCHSL sets forth specific expectations for participation, as does each high school. ASA scholars are responsible for knowing and understanding the eligibility requirements at their respective schools. Scholars are also responsible for adhering to any deadlines or dates set forth by the SCHSL or their zoned school of attendance to submit paperwork for eligibility and participation. Scholars are encouraged to sign up for notifications that may be provided by the zoned school for athletics. 
    Visit the SCHSL for a list of all rules and regulations as it pertains to athletics http://schsl.org/index.php/schools/.

High School Athletic Directors