• Scholars are expected to attend school daily; attendance will be recorded in all classes in accordance to state law, Regulation R43-274 Scholar Attendance. In the event of an absence it is the scholar’s responsibility to provide an excuse upon returning to school. All excuses should be submitted to the secretary in the main office prior to the start of the school day within five days of returning from the absence.  
    Scholars 16 and under who accumulate three consecutive unlawful absences or a total of five unlawful absences will be considered truant.  Parents/guardians and scholars will be contacted to develop a written Attendance Intervention Plan.  Failure to participate and/or adhere to the plan will result in a referral to the District Attendance Office and/or Family Court.  
    The school district defines lawful and unlawful absences as those where: 


    1. The scholar is ill and attendance at the school would endanger the scholar’s health or others.  
    2. There is a death in the scholar’s immediate family (three absences per occurrence).
    3. There is a serious illness in the scholar’s immediate family.  Absences of this nature should not exceed three per year.
    4. There is a recognized religious holiday of the scholar’s faith.
    5. There is an emergency and/or extreme hardships at the discretion of the principal.


    1. The scholar is willfully absent from school with or without the knowledge of his/her parents.
    2. The scholar is absent and fails to turn in an acceptable note within 5 days of the scholar’s return from an illness.
    3. The scholar accumulates more than 10 absences and a medical note is not received.
    4. Absences without any documentation.

     Scholars should adhere to the following procedures in the event of any absence:

    1. If possible, notify the faculty member and ASA secretary of absence prior to occurrence in person or via email. If an extended absence is anticipated, inform the school immediately.
    2. Provide written documentation to ASA as to the nature of the absence upon return (within 5 days) for appropriate coding in PowerSchool.
    3. Communicate with the faculty member in regards to missed instruction and necessary make up work.
    4. Adhere to the late work/make up work policy for ASA.
    5. Adhere to all policies designated by USC Aiken professors on the course syllabus.

    Denial of Credit

    Scholars who fail to meet the minimum attendance requirements outlined by the State Department of Education may not receive credit for the class(es) in which requirements were not met. Credit is not denied automatically. Scholars with attendance problems will receive written notification and be called for a conference where an Attendance Intervention Plan will be initiated. Scholars with attendance concerns should continue to attend class regularly until an appointment with the principal to verify credit status.  

    Instructional Period                  Required Credit            Minimum Days Attendance

    Quarter (45 days)                                     ½                          40 (5 Absences allowed)

    Semester (90 days)                                  1                          80 (10 Absences allowed)

    For a complete review of ACPSD Attendance policies, please refer to the ACPSD High School Code of Conduct.