ASA Shield


  • It is with great honor that I WELCOME everyone to the inaugural year of the Aiken Scholars Academy! We are looking forward to what this first year has to bring and your success in academics, community service and extra-curricular activities during this school year. Each one of you were selected based on the academic skills you have shown thus far in your school career.  Working together, we will build a school that focuses on creating a positive culture where we build relationships between students, parents, and the greater community, where we nurture the individual person, and where we are committed to promoting and celebrating student success.

    Since the initial idea of developing a school focused on meeting the needs of the academically advanced students, we have worked diligently to ensure that we will be able to provide you access to the BEST: the most challenging curriculum, the most accelerated course of study, the most qualified faculty and staff, the most up-to-date classroom technology, and the most supportive environment. With that comes the highest of expectations, as well as a great deal of support. Do not hesitate to reach out to your teachers, counselor, and administrator throughout the year for assistance – communication is key to everyone’s success at ASA.

    As students of ASA, we know you will rise to the challenges that will be set forth from year to year.  In the end, our goal is to equip each of you with all of the necessary skills and resources to not only prepare you for your post-secondary academic endeavors, but also for life.