Dr. Anne S. Poplin



Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Literature and Music Performance, History, and Theory, USC-Columbia, South Carolina College: The Honors College (1987) M.A.T. in Teaching Secondary English, USC-Columbia (1992) Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, Liberty University (2017) Fellowships National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship Recipient (July 2010) “Poetry as a Form of Life, Life as a Form of Poetry” with Helen Vendler, Harvard University Graduate School, Cambridge, MA National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship Recipient (July 2014) “Emily Dickinson: Person, Poetry, and Place,” Amherst College, Amherst, MA

Dr. Anne S. Poplin

I often find myself whispering “Curiouser and curiouser!” and I know I must resemble Alice who also “quite [forgets] how to speak good English.” Because I am so curious, I like questions -- questions that lead to other questions, that spiral out onto other pages of the dictionary, definitions that lead to other definitions, and online links that link to new links. Answers are good, too, but they are much harder to come by unless you start with extraordinary questions.
My questions led me back to school, and I recently graduated with an Ed.D. in curriculum and instruction from Liberty University where I learned that I enjoy conducting and presenting research with high school students. I have studied medieval literature, music theory, poetry, phenomenology, and educational theory. I love to make “things” out of “stuff” – like paper out of lint, or lip balm out of honey and beeswax, or scarves out of yarn, or sentences out of words, or order out of chaos.
My husband and I grow some of our own food, like collards and okra. We also keep ducks for their eggs and care for more than 25 beehives all over Aiken. One of our great joys is opening jars of marinara, salsa, or pickles in December from produce that we picked and cooked and cleaned and canned in the heat of July. Together we wonder how we can help create more sustainable and healthy food ecosystems.  
When I am not grading papers or hanging out with my family, I love to read classic and “gentle” fiction, take really long walks, watch Norwegian and British TV crime dramas, and travel. My family owns a restaurant, What’s Cookin’ Downtown, where I wait tables once in a while, frequently update the website, sometimes write a blog, occasionally make coffee cake, and every now and again try to operate our dastardly POS computer system. Sometimes I have to call Customer Service and ask questions. Lots of questions.
Here at Aiken Scholars Academy, together we will develop and nurture good questions, in both AP Research and English 3/AP Language and Composition.  I look forward to being inspired by a spirit of curiosity and, perhaps unlike Alice, we will strive to “speak good English” even when we are overcome with amazement!
If you are curious about next year's coursework, take a look at last year's syllabus. While there will be updates, improvements, and adjustments, it might give you a good idea of some experiences to anticipate.
Also, English 3/AP Lang students are expeced to read over the summer, deeply and broadly. Take the 2020 ASA Reading Challenge to make sure that you are feeding your mind and your imagination! The Challenge is available on our school's homepage, and each Scholar received a hard copy game board on textbook drop-off day.