• PROOF OF RESIDENCY - The documents listed below will be acceptable as proof of residency. Parents/guardians will need to provide at least two (2) documents from the list dated within the past three (3) months.
    Mortgage contract or statement
    Property Tax bill or receipt
    Utility bill (power, water, sewer)
    Homeowners/renters insurance policy
    Current rental/lease agreement or payment receipt
    SC Driver’s license or ID Card (Does not have to be dated within 3 months but must be consistent with another document dated within 3 months)
    Cable/satellite/Internet or telephone bill
    Voter registration card
    Notarized letter from a landlord (Must include the rental property address and the landlord’s contact information)
    Official federal government document which includes the residence address
    If someone has just moved or is in the process of moving,  an original closing document or rental lease agreement as temporary proof for enrollment will be accepted. Two (2) of the above documents will be required within 30 days.