Mr. James E. Arnold Jr.

Phone: (803) 302-4673 (Leave a voicemail or text message)


Degrees and Certifications:

A.S. Munitions Systems Technology B.S. Biology M.A. Teaching and Learning Ed.S. Educational Leadership and Administration

Mr. James E. Arnold Jr.

This is my 16th year in the field of education (22nd in the retirement system). I have been a teacher and an administrator and so I see both sides of the coin. I love the many fields of science and I want to instill those same feelings in my students. This is my 10th year at Wagener-Salley High School and I look forward to meeting every student and parent. This year, I am teaching Earth Science, Environmental Studies, and Honors Physics. Through these courses, I will teach your child how the physical world around us behaves in relation to these sciences. Science is everywhere and my job is to introduce you to its many different disciplines. A thorough foundation in Physics, Earth Science, and Environmental Science is necessary in order to be successful in the postsecondary field of Agricultural Science. To be successful in this course a student needs to:

1. Arrive in class on time.

2. Bring required materials.

3. Treat everyone with respect and know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

4. Be ready to work (physically and mentally).


Remember, the aim is to be safe, have fun, and learn a little bit of science during this school year. OK. Lets get to work!