• At North Augusta High School, we believe that our job is to carefully provide each and every child with the tools to help them succeed in the world today - to teach each child to be the best they can be. Advanced Placement is nationally recognized as the pinnacle in high school curricular choices. By offering a robust program of Advanced Placement options, North Augusta High School students are prepared to earn spots in the top universities but more importantly they are prepared to succeed in their endeavours far after they leave the Jacket Nest.

    As a National Math + Science Initiative (NMSI) partner school, North Augusta High School provides students and teachers premier opportunities to excel in advanced science, mathematics, and English courses as well as earn credit towards college. The goal of the Advanced Placement Academy is to create a culture of inclusion in Advanced Placement courses, while removing barriers to students who have been traditionally under-represented while ensuring that our students enjoy a premier education with undeniably superior resumes.

    As a NMSI Partner, NAHS students and faculty benefit from instruction provided by national experts in the fields on mathematics, science, and English. Three times a year per discipline, national consultants are brought in to teach NAHS students how to do their best on AP exams. Teachers are able to attend Laying the Foundation Training to learn engaging practices to prepare 9th and 10th grade students of all levels for the rigor of AP course work, while current Advanced Placement teachers enjoy intensive professional development over the summer and throughout the school year so that they are able to provide the most progressive and meaningful instruction available.

    Advanced Placement® is a program developed and overseen by the College Board, the non-profit organization that is responsible for the PSAT/NMSQT® and SAT®. AP courses are introductory college-level courses offered in high school. Students take an AP exam at the end of each course. A score of 3 or higher on an AP exam can earn students college credit.Taking an AP course helps students build critical thinking skills, confidence, and the essential time-management and study skills needed for career and college success.

    We look forward to working with your family to tailor a high school experience that supasses all others. Please contact us today for more information about our AP Programming. You can reach a member of our counseling deparment at 803-442-6100 to discuss programming options.








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