Silver Bluff High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

  • MISSION STATEMENT.  The Silver Bluff High School (SBHS) Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) Unit will provide all cadets the opportunity to experience a team environment focused on citizenship, leadership skills, and academics which supports the Aiken County Public School District (ACPSD) and SBHS missions “to cultivate future ready students to serve our evolving community and world.” In support of that mission, the SBHS NJROTC further promotes the following beliefs that form ACPSD and SBHS curriculum and learning opportunities: student learning is the chief priority; students should have educational experiences that develop a commitment to civic rights and responsibilities; students need to develop self-discipline and responsibility; student development and learning opportunities should foster a respect for people and property; and, students should be prepared to meet the challenges of life upon graduation.


    PROGRAM GOALS AND OBJECTIVES.  The SBHS NJROTC Program has the following goals and objectives: 

    1. promote patriotism, self-esteem, goodwill toward others, discipline, respect for authority, leadership, physical fitness, and personal hygiene.
    1. provide instruction in various Naval Science courses to include leadership, citizenship, naval history, physical and earth sciences, composition and grammar, etc…
    1. develop and maintain habits of cleanliness, precision, orderliness, and responsibility.
    1. establish a learning environment free from drug use, discrimination, and harassment.
    1. improve physical fitness, study habits, personal appearance, and marching skills.
    1. develop and maintain uniformed, disciplined, and cohesive teams, i.e., drill team, to perform in various events and competitions.
    1. provide support to the school and community and heighten parent, faculty, and community awareness concerning the NJROTC program and its ideals.

    For more information regarding the program, please contact:

    Commander Brian Goldschmidt

    GySgt Frank Carson