•  Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    2019 - 2020


    • Students should not be dropped off before 7:30 am. There will be no supervision earlier than 7:30. 
    • Please stay in a single lane to drop off students. For student safety, please do not park in the adjacent lot and release children.
    • Please be aware that the teachers on morning duty will be directing you to pull up towards the beginning of the carline.
    • Car riders and walkers wishing to eat breakfast will report directly to the cafeteria serving line. No food will be allowed outside of the cafeteria. 
    • Students who do not wish to eat breakfast need to report to the gym door by the bus loop. Once inside, you may not go to breakfast.
    • Breakfast will be served until 7:45 daily.
    • Any arrivals to 1st period after 8:00 will need to report to the main office, accompanied by a parent.
    • At 7:45 all six grade will be dismissed, 7:50 seventh, 7:53 eighth will be dismissed.
    • Cell phones are allowed in the gym, but NOT allowed in the cafeteria.


    • Students must enter the vehicle on the passenger side of the vehicle closest to the walkway. Students cannot enter the driver side of the car due to oncoming traffic.
    • Students are to stand in the courtyard areas. This will allow for easy and quick loading of vehicles. 
    • Remember, the afternoon teachers on duty will direct you to pull up in order to pick up your child safely. Please do not stop when you see your student.  This will hold up the carline and slow down the process.
    • Students who will ride a bus in the afternoon will be escorted by their teacher to the gym and called according to the arrival of their bus
    • At 3:05 walkers only are dismissed via announcements
    • At 3:10 car riders, after school detentions, and QuestZone will be dismissed via announcements
    • At 3:15 only buses that are on bus lot will be dismissed via announcements
    • At 3:30 all remaining students and athletes well dismissed with teachers walking down to the gym