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    Aiken is a very large school system. We have 42 schools and nearly 25,000 students. A district that large is always hiring--we have about 1,400 teachers and 3,500 total employees.

    Aiken County Schools covers most of the beautiful large geographic area between Augusta, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina. We invite you to explore our District and Aiken County and look forward to welcoming you to our community.

    Thank you for your interest in working with Aiken County Public School District.

Applitrack Application Process

  • Aiken County Public School District (ACPSD) uses the Applitrack system for all vacancies in the district. In order to become a qualified candidate for any position, you must complete an online application through www.acpsd.net and then submit that application to the desired job vacancy.

     The steps to apply through Applitrack:

    • Go to www.acpsd.net – The Aiken County Public School District Homepage
    • Click on “Employment”.
    • Within the drop down box, select “Job Openings”.
    • If you are not a current ACPSD employee, you will go to ‘External Applicants’ and link on Start an Application. If you are a current ACPSD employee who is applying for a new position, you would go to ‘Internal Applicant’ to complete you application.
    • You can save and return to the application.
    • Once you application is complete, you will need to ‘SUBMIT” your application to any posted job vacancies that you would like to pursue.
    • All job vacancies will be posted on the left hand side of the Applitrack home page. Internal positions are linked under “Internal Applicants’

    Important Information Regarding Your Application


    You may save and return to your application to fully complete it or upload documents.

    You may edit it after you have completed it and submitted it.

    You should update it as necessary to it accurate and current.


    ALL required documents must be uploaded before an application will be considered complete. Make sure each document is clear and current.


    Three completed confidential Applitrack reference surveys are required. You will enter the people’s names, their contact information and send them a survey. You must include your supervisor and another person who can speak directly to your teaching skills. You may list more than three people. It is your responsibility to follow up with the references to check on their receipt and completion of the reference. The reference will be sent to their e-mail address and will show the subject ‘Applitrack’. Some systems will filter it to Spam or Trash account so have then check there if not in their inbox.

    Certified Only:

    Certification - You must ‘Upload’ your type of teacher certification to complete your application.

    • Out of State – list the State & areas of certification. See ‘Reciprocity’ link on ACPSD HR webpage.
    • Anticipated – list the State, the anticipated date of completing the program & areas of certification
    • Alternative Certification – List the Alternative Certification Program, area of certification & upload your Letter of Eligibility or certificate that reflects the program.



Work With The Best

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Recruitment Staff

  • Liz McClearen
    Certified Staff Coordinator

    Hope Mullins
    Applicant & Employee Support

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  • Chrissy Still
    Classified Staff Specialist

    Barbara Heid
    Applicant & Employee Support

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