• At HHE we have a variety of Literacy Programs in place!

    • Reading Counts
    • Guided Reading
    • READ 180
    • SYSTEM 44
    • Leveled Literacy Intervention
    • FastBridge Intervention


    Students reading
    • Tips to Promote Literacy at Home for Families:

      1.       Try to find a consistent time that you can devote to reading fun books with your child. From preschool to fifth grade, all kids can benefit from having an adult read to or with them.

      2.       Create a special reading spot in your home with your child’s favorite books within reach.

      3.       Ask your child questions about the book you are reading together to ensure they are understanding and thinking about what they are reading.


      ·         Why do you think the character did that?

      ·         How do you think the character feels?

      ·         What is the character’s problem?

      ·         How has the character changed since the beginning of the book?

      ·         What do you think might happen next?

      ·         What do you think the character learned as a result of what happened?

      4.       Visit the public library regularly and let your child choose books based on their interests.

      5.       Encourage your child to read the words that are all around them, on commercials, signs, T-shirts…

      6.       Never use reading as a punishment.  Instead, make it fun and a special way to bond with your child.

      7.       Give your child opportunities to write at home.  Encourage them to write a letter to a family member or to a friend who moved away.  Allow your child to make a list of items you need before going shopping or a list of things to do today. 

      8.       Remember that children learn by example.  If you recognize the importance of reading, children will too.  If children see you reading and writing, they will be more likely to engage in these activities too