Aiken Works
  • AIKEN WORKS is an Aiken County collaborative to redefine individual success and provide opportunities to ensure highly-competent future employees.
    How does Aiken Work? AIKEN WORKS teams up with local businesses to prepare students for the workforce through authentic hands-on paid experiences. The initiative will allow Aiken County’s students to develop employable skill sets, while building a highly capable future workforce for our community. With 50% of Aiken County’s workers eligible to retire in the next five years, the need to train Aiken’s youth in highly-qualified and skilled trades and professions is essential to our community’s success.

    Join the movement that will propel Aiken County forward as a hub of cyber technology, industrial manufacturing, health and energy! For more information, contact Larry Millstead, AIKEN WORKS Lead, at or by telephone at (803) 646-8985.

  • Meet the AIKEN WORKS Lead

    AIKEN WORKS Lead Larry Millstead joined Aiken County Public Schools in November 2018. He enjoys developing new opportunities for students and collaborating with community partners to provide job shadow, internship, and youth apprenticeship opportunities for Aiken County Public School students.  

    Larry Millstead

    Mr. Millstead can be reached at or                (803) 646-8985.