• academic team


     Aiken Middle School Academic Team


     The middle school academic competition creates the opportunity for students to develop intellectually and grow socially through direct competition and interaction with other middle school students throughout Aiken County and across the nation.


    Practice Competition Results from October 1st:

    Aiken Middle vs. New Ellenton: Win 225-205

    Aiken Middle vs. A.L. Corbett: Loss 135-105

    Competition Results from October 15th:

    Aiken Middle vs. Schofield: Loss 45-195

    Aiken Middle vs. Kennedy: Loss 60-95

    Competition Results from October 29th:

    Aiken Middle vs. A.L. Corbett: Win 90-95

    Aiken Middle vs. Jackson: Win 90-30

    Aiken Middle vs. LBC: Loss 130-110