• Welcome to the South Aiken High School Advanced Placement (AP) - National Math + Science Initiative (NMSI) page! This page is designed to provide parents and students information regarding AP & NMSI. If you have questions, please contact Tami Shaffer.

    In the Spring of 2016 Aiken County Public Schools forged a relationship with NMSI with the goal to expand college readiness levels by increasing enrollment in AP courses. As a result South Aiken High School became an AP Academy. NMSI’s College Readiness Program follows a three-tiered approach, which focuses on providing school-level administrative, teacher and student support for all AP English, Math and Science courses in order to increase the number of qualifying scores on AP exams (a qualifying score is a 3, 4 or 5).

    NMSI CRP components What this partnership does for Aiken County Public Schools is:

    • Ensure a sustained and deliberate effort to ensure a greater opportunity for all students to gain access to rigorous coursework that follows a nationally standardized curriculum.
    • Emphasize support for educators in order to enhance the learning experiences for our students.
    • Provide a greater assurance that our students have the foundation necessary to be prepared for post-secondary experiences and ultimately successful in those endeavors.
    • Support continued relationships by developing business and community partnerships with the school system.

    Why AP? Advanced Placement is part of the College Board program where students take courses for college credit in the high school setting that helps students build critical thinking skills, confidence and the essential time-management and study skills needed for college success and career readiness. AP teachers follow a standardized curriculum that is widely recognized for its rigor and requirements for student engagement. Teachers of these classes are required to obtain a special endorsement as part of state requirements and Aiken County requires continued professional development every five years.

    Part of the process of implementing NMSI was to engage local business organizations in sponsoring our efforts and in turn supply our community with a viable workforce for the future. Initial contributions from AECOM and SRNS allowed us to begin the program with the confidence that we would be able to support our AP faculty and students. Throughout the first year of implementation, we have been able to add additional sponsorships from GlaxoSmithKline. These backings are vital to the program in that they help to support professional development opportunities for teachers, the incentive program for teacher and student performance and they offer valuable connections for our students with future employers in their own community.

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