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    During a two-week period (1/22-2/4) students will bring in non-perishable food items to donate to Christ Central of Wagener. Volunteers (staff) will collect the bags at the end of the two-week period to drop them off at Grace Church. Four food items are equivalent to one hour of community service.


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    1. Greetings, I am Colonel Claude Davis and I am the Senior Naval Science Instructor at South Aiken High School. The Navy JROTC Program recently authorized a new pilot program that will permit 8th Graders at Kennedy Middle School to enroll in Navy JROTC. The NJROTC class will be taught at Kennedy Middle School by Colonel Davis. The class curriculum is identical to all other first-year NJROTC students.


    1. As you may know, JROTC is a cooperative effort between the local school systems in over 1560 locations around the world.  Its purpose is to emphasize citizenship, leadership, individual responsibility, and school graduation.  Each cadet will be given the opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills; try out for the Drill, Air Rifle, Cyber, and other teams (GPA must be 2.0 or better); and participate in physical training. They can also participate in field trips, present the Nation’s Colors at sporting events and official functions, participate in parades, and improve themselves both physically and academically.


    1. NJROTC utilizes a military structure as a vehicle to teach leadership and responsibility.  As such, the students will experience a more structured and disciplined environment than in their other classes.  For example, students will be addressed as “Cadet” followed by their last name.  Upon demonstrated performance and potential, they will receive the rank of “Cadet Seaman Apprentice” with the opportunity to earn higher ranks and greater responsibility.  Cadets will be issued uniforms, on loan, and be required to wear them on Wednesdays, and must maintain proper appearance

    (cleanliness, haircuts, clean-shaven, etc.).  


    1. We will take care of the tailoring but the cadets are responsible for the care and cleaning of their uniforms.  If uniform items are lost or damaged due to negligence, the cadet/parent may be held liable for replacement.  Cadets will also have the opportunity to earn awards and ribbons to wear with their uniform.  


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    1. Awards and ribbons are earned for Academic Excellence; participation in unit events, JROTC Teams; Good Behavior; and Personal Appearance to name just a few. 


    1. The JROTC curriculum also places emphasis on wellness and physical fitness.  Cadets will normally be required to participate in physical fitness, normally on Mondays, and must wear appropriate physical fitness attire which includes sweat pants, sweatshirt, shorts, t-shirts, running shoes, and athletic socks. As the weather gets colder, the cadets will also need to have knit caps and gloves.


    1. While taking JROTC in the 8th grade does allow students to earn high school elective credit, it does not fulfill the physical education (PE) requirement for high school graduation. Students who successfully complete the 8th-grade year will be invited to continue in JROTC in their 9th-grade year and can then earn their PE credit towards high school graduation.


    1. If additional information is needed concerning the NJROTC program, please feel free to contact me at cdavis2@acpsd.net or (803) 641-2600 Ext. 60024.


    1. To register for NJROTC, you should contact Dr. Ashley at Kennedy Middle School at (803) 641-2470 or rashley@acpsd.net.
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  • South Aiken NJROTC

    Our Program Mission

    Our program mission is to instill in students in United States secondary educational institutions the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.

    Buccaneer Creed 

    I am a member of the Buccaneer Battalion and, as such, I pledge to perform to my best abilities. I will always represent South Aiken High School in the most positive light. I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.

    Staff Chain of Command

    SNSI Colonel Claude H. Davis III, USMC (Ret)

    Cadet Chain of Command

    Commanding Officer Cadet CDR Savanna Welch

    Executive Officer Cadet LCDR Zachary Patterson

    Cadet Command Master Chief Cadet MCPO Grace Bowers

    Operations Officer Cadet LT Kiera Tallent

    Administration Officer Cadet MCPO Adrianna Williams 

    Community Service Officer Cadet SCPO Ashlyn Ewing 

    Supply Officer Cadet CPO Gabriel Duncan 

    Public Affairs Officer Cadet SCPO Emma Stone

    Training Officer Cadet LTJG Sarah Rice

    Educational Services Officer Cadet PO3 Breeze Robertson

    Weapons Officer Cadet CPO Benjamin Hildebrand

    Recruiting Officer Cadet CPO Jack Ledbetter


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