• Our 6th Grade Technology Guarantees


    6th Grade Guarantees By the end of the sixth grade, students will demonstrate mastery of the following 2016 ISTE Standards for Students (Empowered Learner; Digital Citizen):

    • Students will demonstrate their understanding of the fundamental components of technology operations, demonstrate the ability to choose, use, and troubleshoot current technologies, and apply this knowledge when exploring emerging technologies. This will be measured by a technology proficiency survey and assessment. 


    • Students will actively participate in their learning by utilizing technology to set personal goals, developing a plan to reach those goals, solicit the feedback of others, and demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.  Utilizing metacognitive skills, students will be able to personalize their learning environment and monitor their progression. This will be measured through rubric based assessments of e-portfolio reflections.   


    • Students will model digital citizenship by using positive, safe, legal, and ethical behavior in when engaging with others and exchanging knowledge in a digital world.