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    North Augusta Yellow Jacket Wrestling

    Our 2021-22 schedule is posted


     Before you can condition or be on the mat, you MUST have ALL paperwork turned in to me. Paperwork can be found on the NAHS website under Athletics, more, athletic forms. 



    According to the High School League, we can begin conditioning/weightlifting Monday, Sept. 13. Our preseason runs to October 27. We are also allowed to be on the wrestling mats for 20 days in that time period. So our schedule will be as follows: 


    Monday, Sept. 13 Conditioning at the High School 3:45-5:00 Meet on the football field in the end zone.

    Tuesday, Sept. 14 Conditioning

    Wednesday, Sept. 15 Conditioning

    Thursday, Sept. 16 Conditioning

    Monday, Sept. 20 Conditioning

    Tuesday, Sept. 21 Conditioning

    Wednesday, Sept. 22 Conditioning

    Thursday, Sept. 23 Conditioning


    Monday, September 27 1st day on the mats 4:00-6:00 at the Activity Center "The Rec"

    Tuesday, Sept. 28 @ the Rec

    Wednesday, Sept. 29 @ the Rec

    Thurs. Sept. 30 @ the Rec

    Friday, October 1 @ the Rec

    Monday, Oct. 4 @ the Rec

    Tuesday, Oct 5 @ the Rec

    Wed. Oct. 6 @ the Rec

    Monday, Oct. 11 @ the Rec

    Tuesday, Oct 12 @ the Rec

    Wed. Oct. 13 @ the Rec

    Thur. Oct. 14 @ the Rec

    Monday, Oct. 18 @ the Rec

    Tues. Oct. 19 @ the Rec

    Wed. Oct. 20  @ the Rec

    Thur. Oct. 21 @ the Rec

    Friday, Oct. 22 @ the Rec

    Monday, Oct. 25 @ the Rec

    Tues. Oct. 26 @ the Rec

    Wed. Oct. 27 @ the Rec


    1st Day of official practice is November 1 (Monday) @ the Rec





     The Purler Wrestling program is what NA will be following. It is a proven system and it will make you a much better wrestler. Even a possible STATE CHAMP!!! I believe that with all my heart. Those of you that came to camp, you have access to all the videos of moves we learned in camp. Please look at them and reacquaint yourself with those moves. We will be drilling them to death (as Purler says). I want to be able to say "North Augusta Region Champs" this year, and State Duals Semifinalist! Has a great ring to it. I also want to reclaim our title of the Number 1 Girls team in the state. Hear me ladies!!!