• Clearwater Elementary School was established to serve the small textile village of Clearwater, SC in the Horse Creek Valley section of Aiken County. As with other communities in the Horse Creek Valley area, Clearwater's economy was based almost entirely on textiles until after World War II.

    Construction of the Savannah River Plant and continued strength of the textile industry generated growth which saw the addition of six classrooms during the early 1950's.

    With the influx of new industry into the Central Savannah River Area, construction began in 1966 for the majority of our present facility. The school attained the present configuration in a 1993 project, which added four classrooms, a multi-purpose room, offices, and a new media center.

    The 1970's and 1980's saw a decline in the textile industry, which resulted in the loss of both of Clearwater's textile plants. Clearwater Finishing Plant was closed, changed hands and reopened, then closed again. Seminole Mill was closed for years before being destroyed in a fire. It appears unlikely that textiles will regain its status as center of the local economy.

    Although there has been no industrial development to replace the loss of the textile plants, population has not declined and enrollment has been relatively stable. Much of this can be attributed to the availability of housing and Clearwater's convenient access to both Augusta, GA and Aiken, SC.