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    Key Club Advisors: Meredith Dandridge mdandridge@acpsd.net 803-652-8100 extension 46023   Co-Advisor Gail Hicks ghicks@acpsd.net 803-652-8100 extension 46006

    Key Club meets every other Friday at 8:00 A.M. in the auditorium.  Everyone is welcome to join us!

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     SBHS Essential Items and Food Pantry

    Silver Bluff High School Key Club created the food pantry at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year with hopes that we could serve the students of our school who were in need of assistance. After a successful year serving many of our students and giving many others the opportunity to make donations to the food pantry, we are excited about this coming year and what we will have to offer. The food pantry is located the room between the data room and the bulldog lab. We will be open daily during 7th period for students to visit the food pantry and shop for needed items. Students may request to go to the food pantry/restroom, and they should enter the pantry with a pass from their 7th period teacher. Students are required to sign in using their student ID. They may take the items with them back to class or pick them up at the end of the day on the way to their car or the bus. If you see a need during the day, you are welcome to take what you need from the pantry as well. We will be keeping inventory and sending reports to guidance to track who is visiting the pantry so we can serve them to the best of our ability. Leadership students will run the food pantry and will be asked to keep the visitors anonymous for privacy. You may donate to the food pantry as well. Please see the list below of items we try to keep in stock for our students. Feel free to donate items that are not listed as well. Items may be dropped off in Mrs. Dandridge’s room 159. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you! mdandridge@acpsd.net

    School Supplies:

    Masks, pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, book bags


    Snack items, microwave dinners, breakfast bars, can food, other nonperishable food items, and bottled water


    Various sizes of pants and shirts, underwear, socks

    Hygiene items:

    Soap, hair care products, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, lotion



    Our Mission Statement

    Key Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

    Core Values

    Leadership » Leadership is grounded in humility and service to others. A true leader listens, recognizes, and empowers.

    Character building » Character is built by everyday acts of kindness, integrity and teamwork to grow stronger relationships and communities.

    Caring » Compassion for others is a cornerstone of the Key Club experience, inspiring action and service to one’s community.

    Inclusiveness » We welcome people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to join in serving and making a positive difference in our world.

     Objectives of Key Club International

    Key Club aims to cooperate with school principals and teachers to provide high school students with invaluable experience in living and working together and to prepare them for useful citizenship. Our members develop initiative and leadership skills by serving their schools and communities.

    In doing so, we hope to promote and accept the following ideals:

    • To give primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material values of life.

    • To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.

    • To promote the adoption and application of higher standards in scholarship, sportsmanship and social contacts.

    • To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship.

    • To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render unselfish service and to build better communities.

    • To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which makes possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and good will.


    Key Club Officers 2021-2022

    President - Melanie Baughman

    Vice President -Brianna Burns

    Secretary - Carter Lanier

    Editor - Ryan Vickers

    Treasurer - Lillian Godfrey

    Webmaster - Madeline Hawkins

    Lt. Governor -Angel Moton

    Kiwanis Advisor-Gail Hicks

     Key Club Officers 2020-2021

    President - Kelsey Tschida 

    Vice President - Emily Bird 

    Secretary – Jaiden Garrett

    Editor - Sebastian Garland

    Treasurer - Gabriell Mims

    Kiwanis Advisor-Brad Lewis

     Key Club Officers 2019-2020

    President-Breanna Kennedy

    Vice President-Annabella Black

    Secretary-Le'Landra Jarvis, Brianna Burns

    Treasurer-Courtney Young

    Editor-Lindsey Moon

    Carolinas District Lt. Governor -Laurel Hicks

    Kiwanis Advisor-Brad Lewis

     Key Club officers 2018-2019

    President-Laurel Hicks

    Vice President-Larissa Fiquris

    Secretary-Alyssia Tyner

    Treasurer-Breanna Kennedy

    Kiwanis Adviser-Brad Lewis

    Key Club Officers 2017-2018

    President-Larissa Fiquris

    Vice President-Payton McMurray

    Secretary-Madeline Walls

    Web Master-Hannah Cooper

    Lt. Governor Laurel Hicks

    Kiwanis Advisor-Tammy Davis

    Key Club Officers 2016-2017

    President-Brody Allen

    Vice President-Tommy Ray Davis

    Secretary-Payton McMurry

    Technical Coordinator-

    Kiwanis Advisor-Tammy Davis


    Carolinas District Convention 2020-2021

    Virtual meeting

    Carolinas District Convention 2019-2020

    -cancelled due to COVID19

    Carolinas District Convention Awards 2018-2019

    Impromtu Essay Contest-2nd Place-Breanna Kennedy

    Non-Traditional Scrapbook Contest-2nd Place

    Single Service Award-2nd Place-Gold Division

    Outstanding Club Achievement