Chukker Creek Elementary opened on August 29, 1994. Our school was built to accommodate students drawn from three overcrowded schools within Area One, those being Aiken, East Aiken, and Millbrook Elementary Schools. Major rezoning for elementary schools within Area One occurred to reestablish student populations.  When our school opened, we had 575 students in child development, kindergarten, and grades one through five. Today we have 800 students in kindergarten and grades one through five.
    We are nestled just outside the busy commercial area of the city of Aiken.  Horse farms, some of which are polo pony farms, surround the city.  Chukker is the term used in the sport of polo for one of six periods of play in a polo match.  Aiken has a very active polo association.  With this history, the name  Chukker Creek Elementary fits us well.


    National School Of Excellence

    The U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School Program declared Chukker Creek Elementary School a National School of Excellence for 2009. The Blue Ribbon Schools Program honors public and private elementary, middle and high schools that are either academically superior or that demonstrate dramatic gains in student achievement to high levels. In addition to being honored at a ceremony in Washington, DC, where each school receives a plaque and flag signifying their status, these schools serve as models for other schools throughout the nation.

    Palmetto Gold & Silver Awards Program

    The Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards Program was established by the Education Accountability Act of 1998.  It is an important part of the education accountability system in South Carolina.  The program recognizes and rewards schools that attain high levels of absolute performance and schools that attain high rates of improvement. Chukker Creek Elementary was honored to receive the Gold Award the following years.

    Gold 2014 - 2015

    Gold 2013-2014

    Gold 2012-2013

    Gold 2011-2012

    Gold 2010-2011

    Gold 2009-2010

    Gold 2008-2009

    Gold 2006-2007

    Gold 2005-2006

    Gold 2004-2005

    Gold 2003-2004

    Gold 2002-2003

    Gold 2001-2002


    Red Carpet School

    The South Carolina State Department of Education developed the Red Carpet Schools program to recognize schools that provide a family friendly atmosphere and outstanding customer service.  Schools who receive this award are continuously providing a warm, inviting atmosphere where parents and students are welcomed and made to feel part of the school family.  In these schools, parents, grandparents, and members of the local community are actively involved on a regular basis.  Chukker Creek Elementary was selected as a South Carolina Red Carpet School for the period from 2007-2010.

    School Incentive Reward Program


    Dick & Tunky Riley School Improvement Award

    This prestigious award is presented yearly to a School Improvement Council that demonstrates exemplary leadership and action resulting in improved public education in their community. Chukker Creek Elementary school received this honor in 2007.

    Carolina First Palmetto’s Finest Award

    Each spring SCASA has recognized a few schools which offer excellent instruction and outstanding leaders, augmented by strong family and community involvement and a supportive business community.  Chukker Creek Elementary received this honor in 2000-2001 and 1999-2000.