Book Checkout

  • The book checkout time at Busbee Elementary is for one week. If a student does not finish their book within that time, they are encouraged to return the book to the media center so that it can be renewed for another week. The number of books that a student is allowed to checkout is as follows:

    Kindergarten-1st grade 1 book
    2nd- 3rd grade 1 book
    4th -5th grade 2 books

    Students in 4th and 5th grade will have the opportunity to checkout a 3rd book for research purposes (as needed) if they have demonstrated responsibility with the books that they have checked out during the beginning of the year.

Book Care

All students will go through Media Orientation and have review the proper way to take care of a book. Kindergarten students will spend two weeks learning the way to locate a book with the shelf marker, check out the book, and then transport the book safely from the media center to the classroom. Please remind your child that they should always “tuck” or “hug” their book when they are walking with it. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look at how media center books are placed in backpacks. Books should be kept away from food and liquids. If we work together then we will be able to limit the amount of books that have to be reordered due to damage.