Lots to read in here!


  • Welcome to the Elizabeth A. Godfrey Media Center.  We have over 12,000 books for your reading pleasure! The media center also has various programs throughout the year, such as our ghost stories on Halloween and our Ephiphany Poetry/Art Magazine contest in April.  Watch the announcements for news about our Book Jackets Book Club meetings.  We're a great place to sit and complete your homework, surf the net, read or just relax.   We are open from 8AM-4PM every day. We hope to see you soon and often!

    Our SCASL Young Adult Book Award Nominees for 2020-2021 are in!  Read three of these books to get invited to next year's Book Voting Party.  Check out the nominees here!


    Book Returns are Friday, September 18th 

    If you have any library books that you had checked out last school year, please return them to the Media Center by Friday, September 18th.   Fines were suspended due to our early dismissal last year, but if books are not returned by September 18th, fines will start accruing again.  If you don't know what books you have out, please click here and then click "Log In" in the upper right hand corner and enter the User ID and Password you use for getting onto your computer at school.  Then click the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner, and click "Check Outs". 

    Virtual students - please return your books by the 18th to the front office. 


    Contact our Media Specialists for questions about the Media Center!

    Ann Adcock - aadcock@acpsd.net
    Michelle Wells -  mwells@acpsd.net