• Welcome to the LMC

  • Our LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER is designed and set up as a LEARNING COMMONS!  This means that we are designed as a LEARNING HUB.  The space is a place where teachers and students  are encouraged to collaborate, communicate, and share.  We offer the following to all members of our school community:

    • Classroom space w/Projector
    • Portable Tables to allow the space to be set up in the design needed for the class or meeting
    • Updated collection of more than 11,000 copies and ebooks available 
    • Makerspace offers many STEM related hands-on activities plus drawing and origami, rubik's cubes, chess, and the list goes on....
    • College, Career, & Testing Information Corner
    • Collaboration Corner with TV that will project work for students or teachers to use to visually collaborate
    • Group Study Space Room
    • Genrified FICTION Section to help all find a book to read more quickly
    • Destiny Search Computers to help find resources needed
    • Two Certified Media Specialists available to help all patrons

    To successfully work as a LEARNING COMMONS, everyone must recognize when multiple activities are taking place and respond appropriately using our "inside voice" to keep distractions to a minimum.

    We look forward to seeing you often in the LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER!