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Shawn Lewis

Hello! I'm Robert Shawn Lewis, and I'm married to Treasa Ann Lewis. Together, we have four children: Breeanna, 24; Zachary, 20; Connor, 12; and Carson, 10. 

I'm an Army brat who is exceedngly proud of his father's 40-plus years of service to the United States of America. I was born in Munich, in what was then West Germany. My nine years in Germany also included stays in Dachau, Kaiserlautern, Mannheim, and Heidelberg. When Dad returned stateside for the last time in 1981, my famiily settled in Columbia. I'm a 1986 graduate of Richland Northeast High School, and I earned my bachelor of arts in communications from Gardner-Webb University in 1990. Degree in hand, I ran out into the world and became an award-winning newspaper editor for more than 22 years.

At WSHS, I teach English II, Theatre, and Yearbook Production. I'm also the Drama Club sponsor.

I have a passion for education, and I believe today's high schoolers can change the world for the better as they progress from Wagener-Salley to college and into the workforce, our armed services, etc. It's my mission to equip them for the roads ahead. I encourage every student who crosses my path to make a difference locally and globally ... and I believe they will. Parents, feel free to email me at Let's work together to help your student(s) reach their goals and set even higher ambitions to reach.