• Schofield Middle School Vision and Mission 

    Vision Statement

    Our Schofield Family will create reflective scholars by cultivating global perspectives, tailored learning opportunities, positive relationships, and cultural awareness.

    Mission Statement:

     Global Perspective:

    We will cultivate global perspectives by implementing the Cambridge Attributes, fostering cross-curricular instruction, integrating fine arts and designing curriculum and instruction with a global focus.


    Tailored Learning Opportunities:

    We will intentionally design tailored learning opportunities through, small group instruction, personalized learning, technology incorporation, and purposeful interventions based upon formative assessment data.


    Positive Relationships:

    We will establish and maintain positive stakeholder relationships by fostering positive communication and involvement, implementing restorative practices and valuing the student ownership of learner attributes


    Cultural Awareness:

    We will promote cultural awareness through a comprehensive plan of professional learning that addresses responsive pedagogy, incorporates relevant instructional strategies and serves the needs of the Schofield Family.


    Aiken County Schools Mission & Goals

    The mission of Aiken County School District is to engage every student in educational experiences that develop maximum individual potential by creating & sustaining a secure learning environment of excellence (facilitated by highly professional educators & support staff in concert with parents & the community) so that all learners acquire knowledge, critical thinking patterns, social skills, & character necessary to live a life of quality in an increasingly global society.