• Mission Statement:

    The mission of Byrd Elementary School is to provide an education by highly qualified professionals that enhances accountability, respect, and self sufficiency through research-based instructional practices, parental involvement, and community support.



    It is the vision of Byrd Elementary to provide a safe learning environment for all students.




    •Parents, teachers, students, community, and administration share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.
    •Every student is an important individual with his/her own intellectual, emotional, and social needs.
    •Every decision concerning the work of the school should reflect the learning needs of the students,
    •Positive relationships and mutual respect among parents, teachers and students enhance the students’ self-esteem.
    •The school’s environment should be safe and physically comfortable to promote maximum learning.
    •Students learn best when they apply their learning to meaningful concepts and demonstrate their understanding of knowledge and skills by being actively involved and challenged in the learning process.
    •The school facility provides an environment that promotes appropriate integrated learning to all students and staff.