North Augusta Elementary
    100 Years of Educational Service

    North Augusta Elementary-100 years in the making,
    For teachers and children, a process of giving and taking.

    The old school was quaint with large rooms and a creaking floor,
    The lunchroom was designed for those delicious lunches next door.

    Classes were large, but children followed the rules.
    They worked to succeed, using their study skills and learning tools.

    As our city began to grow, a new school was planned,
    Near the old Mealing Field where baseball was played in the sand.

    The merging of two schools and the cooperation of teachers,
    Made our collegiality one of our best features.

    Now under the new leadership of Mrs. Reese and Mrs. Walters,
    We welcome many more years of progress you see.

    By meeting the challenges given long, long ago,
    We look to the future with hearts all aglow.

    North Augusta Elementary
    By Connie Bryan


     North Augusta Elementary School Through the Years


NAE 1905
NAE 1952
NAE 1912
NAE 1939
NAE 1986

  • Principals Throughout the Years


    Milestones in a Century of Service

      • 1899 North Augusta Land Company hired Miss Nina Verdery to teach 13 pupils in the small school house on West Avenue.
      • 1902 Citizens built a four room school house with an auditorium on Georgia Avenue for over a hundred pupils, but it burned in 1904.
      • 1905 A three story brick free public school, which was a part of the special school district in Aiken County, opened as a result of issuing $12,000 of twenty year bonds.
      • 1912 A three story brick high school building was built beside the grammar school in this district known as Schultz School District. This building later became North Augusta Elementary and served students until 1986.
      • 1939 A large high school was constructed across the street on Carolina Avenue. This school later served as the junior high before becoming part of the campus for North Augusta Elementary through 1985.
      • 1986 The spacious and comfortable school we know today was provided through the Aiken County School District and has served in some years over 1000 students.
      • North Augusta Elementary, a 21st Century Community Learning Center, has become a Red Carpet School, a finalist for Palmetto’s Finest, an incentive reward winner, an Exemplary Writing School, multiple grant winner, and an outstanding model of technology and teaching.
      • 2009 North Augusta is awarded the Healthy School Award
      • 2010 North Augusta Elementary receives Red Carpet School Award for the second time.
      • 2009- 2010 Silver Award for the Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards Program.
      • 2010-2011 Gold Award for the Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards Program
      • 2011 South Carolina School Improvement Council - Riley Award Finalist
      • 2011-2012 Silver Award for the Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards Program
      • 2014 2015 Gold Award for the Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards Program