The details of the NAHS attendance recovery plan for each semester are listed below. Our plan is based on UNEXCUSED absences over 5 days per semester (this is based upon the block schedule).

    1. Attendance make-up time will be offered on a 1:1 basis (1.5 hour (90 minutes of class time) of make-up time = 1 class period).  For any year-long course, a student must be in attendance for at least 85 days. Excused days include reasons such as medical, bereavement, and principal-approved absences. 
    2. Students who have missed over 5 unexcused days will be notified of how much time the student will need to recover in order to receive credit for the course.
    3. Make-up time will be offered for 1 week during the intercession periods in October and April.
    4. Make-up time will have an academic focus.

    Absences may be emailed to nahsattendance@acpsd.net.