• Volunteer Information

    We invite volunteers to visit our school.  Volunteer opportunities are offered through our Advisory Program (all grade levels), Ninth Grade Males Program, and Peer Mediation.

    The safety and protection of all students are of utmost importance. Volunteers must report to the office, sign in, and receive a pass from the office staff before going to any other part of the building or school grounds.

    Per the Aiken County School District board and South Aiken High School administration, all volunteers must adhere to the district’s policy on interacting with our students. If you are interested in volunteering, please read the following information. You will need to also return a completed and signed volunteer form to the front office before proceeding to your volunteer duties. All volunteers must read the board policy provisions applicable to volunteer interactions with students and sign that they acknowledge the conduct expectations of volunteers. To protect our students, school, and the district, you will not be permitted to serve our students or staff without returning this form. Volunteers must record daily assignments and hours volunteered. Reports are mandated by the Educational Improvement Act (EIA). When you volunteer, visit and/or observe during school hours, please make necessary child care arrangements so young children are not with you. For safety and instructional reasons, children not enrolled at South Aiken High School should not be at school during school hours.