• Tradition-Pride-Excellence


    Silver Bluff High School Mission:

    The mission of Silver Bluff High School is to prepare students to become responsible lifelong learners by providing diverse learning experiences in a positive environment where the school and community work together to enable students to reach their maximum potential.

    Silver Bluff High School Beliefs:

    At Silver Bluff High School, we strive to maintain a positive environment where students and staff enjoy school and treat each other with mutual respect.  All teachers follow the school-wide behavior plan in their classroom because we believe: 

    *All students have the right to learn

    *All teachers have the right to teach 

    Expectation for Behavior: 

    • Be Prepared
    • Be Attentive
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Respectful

    Show Bulldog PRIDE 

      • Positive Attitude
      • Respect- For yourself, all students, faculty & staff, and the facilities
      • Integrity-Do what’s right
      • Dedication-To academic success and on-time graduation
      • Effort-Always put forth your best effort and take advantage of extra help and enrichment 

    We believe that all students have the potential for making good choices and behaving in a positive manner.


    Tradition - Pride - Excellence