Fruit Fundraiser

    Indian River Fruit

    It's the time of year for band fruit! The band will be selling fruit from now until November 1. If you are interested, please see a band student or Ms. Williams.

  • The band works to study different kinds of music through the ages and be able to knowledgeably compare and contrast various styles. Our groups include:

    Beginning Band

    This is a group made up of students who are just beginning to learn their instruments. Most students do not know how to read music at the beginning of the year. Together, we learn how to read music in both treble and bass clefs, which instruments belong to different families, and influential composers. Throughout the year, students begin to master their instruments as they learn about different notes, music techniques like dynamics, and tone quality. Towards the end of the year, the top students in Beginning Band will be invited to participate in Da Capo, a one day clinic in which the top beginners from across the county work on selected songs together before performing a concert.


    Intermediate/Advanced Bands

    These groups are made up of students who have already been playing their instrument for at least a year. The music is more challenging, and students have more opportunities available to them. These students will have the opportunity to perform at Concert Performance Assessment, or Concert Festival, in the spring, as well as various other chances to perform.


    Pep Band

    These students are 7th and 8th graders who have been playing their instrument for at least a year. Together, they work on stands tunes to perform at school pep rallies, assembles, and football games. This group will get a chance to perform with high school marching band students at a football game and a chance to experience athletic band.


    Honor Band

    This group is made up of selected musicians in Aiken Middle School to perform at Concert Performance Assessment, or Concert Festival. The group will also work with a guest conductor and professional musicians on their instruments to bring our level of performance to the next level before performing for judges at the USC Aiken Concert Festival and Concert Performance Assessment.


    Jazz Band

    Jazz Band is a group of select students who choose to study a style of music that is not often found in the concert band world. Students will study jazz music, its origins, and how it has influenced the world and popular culture as we know it. Besides jazz, students will also get a chance to perform some Latin music and rock. The Jazz Band may have the opportunity to attend the Jazz Assessment, similar to Concert Festival for jazz bands.


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