• Elementary School Registration & Transportation Information 

    Welcome Back to School! We are looking forward to a wonderful school year. Please review the Back to School information provided here to ensure that you are registered and prepared for the first day back on August 23!

    Each year, parents/guardians are required to register student(s) for the upcoming school year. The requested date for registration at Hammond Hill Elementary is Monday, August 7, 8:00 a.m.-7:00 pm.  Arrangements to register on an alternative date may be made by contacting the school directly.

    Parents of new students must provide the following:

    - Two proofs of residency in the custodial parent’s name. Accepted proofs of residency include:

    • A current rental agreement, mortgage contract/statement, or property tax receipt (with the custodial parent’s name on the property)
    • And a current water or power bill with the service address listed (cable and internet bills will not be accepted).

    - A copy of the student’s official state-issued birth certificate
    - A copy of the student’s SC Immunization Record


    Parents of returning students will not need to provide proof of residency.


    Note: Transportation/School Bus Registration will be held separately from School Registration. Transportation Registration information is below.


    Transportation/Bus Registration

    All students must be pre-registered to receive transportation services for the 2017-2018 school year. Registration for Transportation/School Bus Services may be made online by visiting the District’s website and completing the Registration Form located on the Transportation Department page.

    Please note that parents/guardians of kindergarten, first and second-grade students must provide alternate caregiver information on the bus registration form in the event they are not available to be at the bus stop to receive their child. 

    For additional information regarding school bus transportation services, please call your local transportation office or visit the District’s website.

    Area 2 Elementary Schools (Belvedere Elementary, Hammond Hill Elementary, Mossy Creek and North Augusta Elementary) will register for transportation in the cafeteria at Paul Knox Middle School, 1804 Wells Road, North Augusta, 29841. Questions: Troy Toney (803) 442-6106.

    Registration Fees
    All schools will charge consistent (the same) registration fees for the 2017-18 school year. While the fees are the same across the District, regardless of area, students qualifying for free lunch pay no registration fees (but are asked to pay add-on fees, if possible), and students on reduced lunch pay a percentage of the registration fees based on the same percentage paid for reduced lunch.

    Club Fees (including marching band), yearbooks costs, graduation and prom costs, dual enrollment tuition, and athletic fees (including cheerleading) are not included.  

    Elementary Schools Registration Fees  

    $40 for full-pay students

    $6.95 for students qualifying for reduced-lunch fees.

    $0 for students qualifying for free lunch.

    No add on fees, including Gifted & Talented (GT)

    Online Payments

    Pay your student's registration fees conveniently online.


    In an effort to offer additional convenience and options to parents, guardians, and/or any students who have available credit and may be paying for themselves, the Aiken County School District has entered into an agreement with Veracity Payment Solutions, a third party provider that processes charge card payments, to allow payment of such obligations as school matriculation fees and costs, band fees and rentals, certain athletic charges, lost or damaged book fees, parking fees, yearbook costs, and similar requirements by charge card to any persons desiring to do so.

    Merchants who utilize and allow the use of charge card payments have similar arrangements. However, this is a web-based service and will not entail the direct use of slide card electronic reading devices at any school site. Therefore, it will be necessary for any parent, guardian, student or patron desiring to pay by charge card for any student fees to click on the link to the provider’s web site and provide the information shown in order to utilize this convenience. The Aiken County School District does not provide the processing service, the security protections built into the system, or store this information on its servers or have electronic access thereto (other than the receipt of remittances paid by the provider, including the amounts received and the designation of items for which payment has been made).

    The School District therefore assumes no liability for the security of such financial and personal information and makes no representation as to the advisability of using charge card payments. As with any web-based service, it is the consumer’s ultimate judgment, free choice, and assumption of any risk involved in utilizing this methodology for paying obligations.

    Please note that a convenience fee of $2.50 will be added to your credit card bill for any charge transaction.  Such convenience fees are to compensate for credit card company gateway (processing) fees and associated costs to the District in order to be able to facilitate this payment option.

    Online Fee Payment



    Reduced Fees Explanation

    Reduced Price Registration Fees Explanation (for students qualifying for Reduced Lunch)

    Elementary $6.95


    Registration fees for students who pay the reduced price for their meals must be calculated based on the price of reduced-price meals. 

    The 2017-18 meal fees will be:

    Full-Pay Lunch For Elementary Students:  $2.30/day

    Reduced-Pay Lunch for all student age groups are: $0.40/day


    Since registration fees for students on reduced pay must be equivalent to the percentage they pay for reduced price lunches, the registration fees for students on reduced pay lunch will be as follows:

    Elementary                  $0.40/$2.30 =   .1739               .1739 x $40 = $6.95 


    (Elementary and High fees rounded down by $.01 to nearest five cents.)

    Online Free and Reduced School Meals Application

    LunchApplication.com is an easy, secure and convenient way to apply for free or reduced meals. Now you can apply on-line for your children to receive free or reduced price school meals. Your application will be sent from a secure web site directly to Aiken County Public Schools, so you don’t need to worry about filling out a paper form that could be lost or misplaced.

    To apply, simply go to www.LunchApplication.com and Click Apply Now.

    LunchApplication.com has been designed to make it easy for you to know exactly what information you need to provide and to guide you through the process. Once your application has been received the district office will determine your eligibility and send you a letter with the results. 


    For more information go to LunchApplication.com or call Candy Barnes 803-663-5182.