• South Carolina initiated School Improvement Councils (SIC) through legislation as a means of restoring the influential voice of parents and community members in public education. Each public school in South Carolina has a SIC that is responsible for planning, monitoring, and evaluating improvement at the school level.

    Membership of the School Improvement Council includes three parents, three members appointed by the principal, and three teachers selected by the faculty. The Council makes a study of the school program and submits a report through the County Board to the State Department of Education. The report is prepared annually and indicates areas in which improvements are needed.

    Eric Jeffcoat (Administration)
    Elizabeth Rabb (Administration)
    Cathy Martin
    Megan Bush
    Chris Collins
    James Wilson
    Danielle Winburn
    Dania Staley
    Megan Stafford
    Michelle Stevens
    Laurie Reese
    Tandra Cooks