We would like for all parents to read the following information to become better informed.  Although your child may ride a bus, please review these procedures so that you will know what to do should the need arise for your child to become a car rider. These procedures will help insure the safety of your child and will also help parents maneuver in and out of traffic in a more expedient manner.  Please use PATIENCE, especially during the first few weeks of school.  Keep in mind that over 700 students are entering and exiting our building each day.  Some wait-time is inevitable.  Please remember, buses always have the right-of-way.  Parents are not allowed to park and exit their cars in either traffic circle during arrival and departure times. (7:00 – 7:40 am and 2:00 – 2:45 pm)  Please talk to your son/daughter about the importance of traffic safety.  Help your child learn how to put on and take off their own safety belt so that you will not hold up traffic doing it for them.

    Your child’s safety is very important to all of us. While these procedures may seem trivial, we believe in being proactive to prevent accidents, and can assure you there is good reasoning behind every one of them. Transportation changes cannot be made after 1:00 pm. We thank you in advance for helping us achieve our goal of safety for every student, every day.


    Please keep the following points in mind during arrival time each morning:

    • Parents of Kindergarten and 1st Grade students may chaperone their child to their class during the first week of school only.
    • Parents may park in the parking lot closest to the PE room (on the Woodlawn Avenue side of the building) or you may park on Amherst Drive beside the playground fence area.  Parents should not park in the Parking Lot designated for Faculty Parking (accessible from Woodlawn Avenue).
    • Do NOT drop your child off before 7:00 AM. There is no adult on duty.
    • Do not release your children until a teacher is outside on duty.
    • There are three drop off locations in the morning: front office, gym doors and Bunting Circle. You may choose which location to drop off your child. We suggest you use the drop-off location closest to your child’s classroom.
    • Students eating breakfast need to be dropped off at Bunting Circle not later than 7:15 am.
    • Make sure your child has everything ready, in hand, so he/she can quickly and safely get out of the vehicle.
    • Pull all the way up to the first safety patrol. Bunting car line – fill up the Bunting Circle. Cars at the stop sign will be able to turn left and right once the circle is filled.  This allows us to unload as many cars as possible.
    • Put your car in park as your child exits the vehicle.
    • Students need to exit on the right hand side of the car.
    • Do not pass other cars in the car line.
    • Safety patrol will unload cars until 7:30 am. If you arrive after 7:30 am, your child is considered tardy and needs to come to the front office to receive a tardy pass. Please do not try to speed through the car rider line to get students in the building. Our teachers and safety patrol have to get to class.
    • The tardy bell rings at 7:30 am.  Students must be present and in their classroom at this time, not in transit.  Keep in mind instruction begins at 7:30 am. 
    • Kindergarten and 1st grade students will proceed to the lunchroom where they will be supervised by teachers on duty. Students will be escorted to their classrooms at 7:15 am.
    • Students in grades 2, and some in grades 4 and 5 will proceed to the gym where they will be supervised.  These students will be escorted to their classrooms at 7:15 am.
    • Students in grade 3 will wait outside their classrooms where there will be a teacher on duty to supervise.
    • Students arriving after 7:15 am should report directly to their classroom. 

    Arrival Times:         7:00   Breakfast (Optional)

                                  7:15    Students are escorted to their classrooms

                                  7:25    Warning Bell Rings

                                  7:30    Instruction Begins & Tardy Bell Rings                                        


    Car Rider Procedures 

    • Kindergarten and 1st grade students will be picked up at Bunting Circle (If you have older children they will be picked up with the youngest child). 2nd and 3rd grade students will be picked up from the front office. 4th and 5th  grade students will be picked up from the gym. (This is a change from the 2018-2019 school year).
    • The car rider line in the front of the school will begin at the stop sign. There will be no parking in front of the school due to safety issues. The teacher on duty will motion you to move forward once the car rider line begins.

    • If you are entering the Woodlawn Avenue entrance to the school (the front of the school), please do not make a left hand turn into the school. We suggest that parents enter the Hammond Hill Subdivision from Hammond Drive (off of Martintown Road) and then take a right onto Woodlawn Avenue to pick students up on the Woodlawn Avenue side of the building.

    • Bunting Circle car line will start at the stop sign located on Amherst Drive. The teacher on duty will motion you to come forward when the car rider line begins. Cars will line up on the side of Amherst Drive. Please do not block the intersection at Bunting Circle.

    • Place your school-issued tag on the front mirror for easy readability. The identification tag will be provided by the school. The school will provide you with TWO identification tags. Extra identification tags can be purchased for $2.00 each. Anyone picking up your child MUST have a school issued identification tag. If you do not have an ID tag when picking up your child, you will be required to come to the front office and show your driver’s license. There will be no exceptions to this rule.  Even if the teacher on duty can identify you, you must have your school issued identification tag. Tags that are altered will need to be replaced at the parent’s expense. Do not write on your ID tags.

    • Put your car in park as your child enters the vehicle. Wait for your child to buckle up and be sure the safety patrol has moved safely away from the car before pulling off.

    • Turn off your cell phone in the car line.

    • Be on time. We have mandatory meetings and conferences to attend following dismissal. Your promptness allows us to get started in a timely manner.

    • Parents should remain in their cars and wait in the traffic line.  Please do not park your car and walk to the exit doors to wait for your child to exit the building.  Teachers will escort students to their designated areas and assist students getting into their cars.
    • If you have questions, or need to talk to a teacher at dismissal, please park your car in the parking lot and walk to the office.  Please wait in the office until the teacher is off duty.  Office personnel will let the teacher know that you would like to speak with him/her.  Please do not ask the teacher on car duty to answer questions during dismissal as this would slow down the flow of traffic.
    • Please do not park on side streets to avoid the car line.  Only students who live in the Hammond Hill subdivision should be walkers.  Other students should be picked up in the car line.  It is dangerous for students to try and cross busy streets within the neighborhood to get to their car.
    • Bus and Daycare students will be picked up at the rear of the building.  ONLY Bus and Daycare vans will be allowed to access the road behind the school for pick-up purposes.

    Walker Procedures:

    • Students will cross with an HHE staff member at the crossing guard.
    • Students are considered walkers if they live within the Hammond Hills neighborhood.
    • If you are driving to pick up your child, you must go the car rider line.


    ALL students are dismissesd at 2:30.  We respectfully ask parents to avoid signing their child out between 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm.  If your child needs to be dismissed early, you must sign the child out before 1:00 pm.  You will be asked to show photo identification when signining your children out.

    If you have any questions regarding our arrival and dismissal procedures, please call the school office at (803) 442-6170.