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  • In order to be successful in Art Class, you will need the following supplies:

    2" Binder

    Pack of Copy Paper

    Pack of Notebook Paper

    #2 Pencils- Keep a supply all year

    Ink Pens- Black


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    Classes begin on Tuesday, July 25. Students will have 10 school days to make schedule changes to enroll in or out of an Art Class. This year, we are offering Art 1. This is the entry level for all art students. Art 2 is best suited for the second year art student that excelled in Art 1.  Art 3 & 4 Honors are reserved for those students who are completing their third and fourth year of art that excelled in Art 2.  Teacher approval is required for levels 3 and 4. All the above-listed courses are hands-on with the students creating artwork.


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