• Millbrook Elementary is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our students so they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our school.

    Aiken County Public School district defines harassment, intimidation or bullying as a gesture, electronic communication or a written, verbal, physical, or sexual act reasonably perceived to have the effect of either of the following:

    Harming a student physically or emotionally or damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of personal harm of property damage.
    Insulting or demeaning a student or group of students in such a manner as to cause substantial disruption in, or substantial interference with, the orderly operation of the school.
    (Excerpt code JICFAA Issued 12/06 Aiken County Public Schools Code of Student Conduct).

    "A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending him or herself."

    Bullying must include three important components:

    1. Bullying is aggressive behavior that involves unwanted, negative actions.

    2. Bullying involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time.

    3. Bullying involves an imbalance of power or strength.

Reporting Procedures

  • If you believe a child is being bullied, please notify his/her teacher and administration immediately.  Reports can be made in writing or in person and will be investigated. Discipline and interventions will be appropriate according to offense.

    Possible disciplinary action and consequences:

    1. Temporary removal from the classroom

    2. Deprivation of privileges

    3. Classroom or administrative detention

    4. In school, out of school suspensions

    5. Expulsion