In partnership with our community, the mission of Jefferson Elementary School is to provide all students with a safe, stimulating, child-centered environment that prepares them to become productive and contributing citizens in an ever-changing society.  It is our objective that each student, faculty, and staff member at Jefferson Elementary be exposed to quality educational experiences that will ensure that they reach their maximum potential and become life-long learners.

    We believe:

    Strong nurturing home environments promote school success.

    Schools should be open to new ideas.

    All children can learn.

    Development of all students should be encouraged at all levels.

    Individuals should be publicly recognized for their efforts.

    Parents, communities, and schools should work together to achieve total quality education.

    All persons should be safe while on school grounds.

    Teaching is a process strengthened by each student's background.

    Learning never ends.


    Vision Statement

    We envision...

    A school which will provide skills to students to make them successful in life.
    Parents who want their children to succeed.
    Parents having a positive attitude toward the school.
    Parent involvement with their children at home, as well as, in school.
    A school that is recognized as a National School of Excellence.
    A child centered school that provides a safe environment and nurtures the development of all children as problem solvers.
    A school that provides a successful process that will encourage and make learning fun.