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School Improvement Council

  • Mission Statement (Purpose) 

    The mission of Millbrook Elementary is to work collaboratively with parents and the community to provide a challenging curriculum within a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment to prepare all students to become responsible and successful learners.  

    Some common questions:  

    • What is the MES School Improvement Council (SIC)? 

    The SIC serves as an advisory committee to our principal and faculty. Legislation was passed in 1977 to ensure local awareness and review of how state funds were spent. Each council is composed of parents, teachers, and community members.  

    • What is the difference between the SIC and PTO? 

    The PTO is a voluntary organization.  The SIC is mandated by law to exist in every public school in South Carolina. 

    • What is the key role of SIC? 

    SIC plays a key role in the education of our students by bringing together parents, educators and community stakeholders to work together on the improvement of MES.  In addition to assisting with the development and monitoring of school improvement, we also have the following responsibilities: 

    • To assist in the preparation of the school's annual report 
    • To provide advice on the use of school incentive awards 
    • To provide such assistance as the principal may request 
    • To carry out any other duties prescribed by the local school board 
    • What are our priorities for the 2020-2021 School Year? 

2021-2022 SIC Board

  • Chair: Tiffany Aiken

    Drew Radford

    Genifer Rouse

    Whitt Taylor

SIC Agendas 2021-2022